Unheard Music Concepts

Purely improvised instrumental music. A mixture of jazz, classical and minimal music with a touch of electronics

Liminal - Dance Film

Liminal_poster B.jpeg

We’re honoured that Maria Nurmela and Vesa Loikas (Finland) chose one of our pieces for their amazing dance film ‘Liminal’. 
Liminal wil be premiered in Cyprus, December 2020. Here you can see a preview:


Latest album… Lost on the Moon

Our sixth album with 24 tracks of Unheard Music.
Hypnotising, mesmerising, tranquil and alienating tracks. 

Available from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and many other digital music services.

Released: 30-4-2019 

24/7 online radio

We’re happy to announce that we are now on the 24/7 online radio. When you listen to either their classical or jazz channel, chances are that you might hear some of our music! Here is a link


Han Post

 Soprano sax, Alt sax, Tenor sax, Clarinet, Bas Clarinet


Daniel Talma

Upright bass, Editing & mixing


Marc Verhoeven

Piano, Keys

The trio

An unusual combination: a piano player who studied classic and modern composition, a sax and clarinet player who learned to play in a band club, switched to east european music and  ended up in jazz, and an experimental pop minimalist  playing the upright bass. They have know each other since they were teens and back then they played together in several bands (the Urge, Two Gentlemen, Masters & Johnson, Dutch Distress).
In 2015 they reunited to focus on the core of all music: communication. They play 100% improvised music, with no agreements on scales, chords, tempo or beat... It is all about listening to and interacting with each other. Breaking the silence. Slowly, cinematic, melancholy...


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The complete improvisation sessions are recorded on a simple multitrack recorder, afterwards the best parts are selected and mixed.
Six albums have been released; Harbour, Industry, Home, Slow, the Lasso of Time and Lost on the Moon.
You can find these albums on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other digital services, see links below (click icon to visit service)



You can book the Unheard Music Concepts trio for live performances. We play a selection of tracks from our albums live, improvised.
This means that no performance is the same, and that although you’ll recognise the tracks, they’ll take a different path each time they’re played. 
You can also book us for seminars, conferences, openings, etc.


Unheard Music in productions

- Educational videos (STEM, US): some tracks
- Video: The basics of software architecture (DE): "Afraid to Go"

- Short film: A girl goes for Dinner (Jack Perry, UK): some tracks

- Short film: 2400 Miles off Broadway (Taft Rector, US): "There" and "Empty Lines”

- At a funeral (US): some tracks
- Series of documentaries about French theater (Regard Camera, FR): "Soft Despair"

- Residential real estate virtual tours Lakewood (US): "The Trail"
- Indie film, a spoof on the health care system (StudioWild, US): "Soft Despair"

- Detective Tempus - a show about a time travelling detective (UK): several tracks

- Spoken Word/Poetry: He had this to say… (Victor Arumemi, US): several tracks

- Documentary ‘Portrait of a painter’ (Freigeist, AU): "Being There"
- film: ‘Mnemophrenia’ (Eirini Konstantinidou, US): ‘the Last Days’
- Short film: 'To A Stranger’ (Evan Gilchrest, US): Several tracks

- Travel video: 'From Chisinau to Budapest’ (Christopher Walker, UK/PL): several tracks

- video: Chicago Temple History in Stained Glass (Chicago, US), Nowhere Street

- video: Pikes Peak #9 (US, Colorado) - Endless Garden
- videos: 3D Artist Giulia Pri, (Italy/Amsterdam) - several tracks
- video:During a night with no moon - Jorge Mario Zuleta (Costa Rica) - No Moon (see below)
- video: Polpo film - dance (Lost Time)

- film: ‘A fortune to tell’ - Julien Ferdinande 2020 - (France/Chicago) - many tracks link

- radio station: 24/7 online radio (US) - our first 5 albums - link
- documentairy: - Een Redelijk Leven - Belgium TV, Canvas 'Played by Ear'
- video: ‘Quarentena’ - video inspired by the covid-19 lockdown in Argentina - link
 video: Aerophoto-Schiphol - Fly Over Amsterdam ‘Zuidas’: ‘the Last Days’ - link
 video: A cry from the Baobab - Lone Chrsitiansen - ‘Flooded Believes’ - link
 dance film: Liminal - Maria Nurmela and Vesa Loikas (Finland) - ‘The Last Flamingo’ - link to trailer

During a night with no moon

This is a short video made by Jorge Mario Zuleta and Mariela Richmond (Costa Rica) inspired by a track from our first album Harbour; ‘No Moon’ 
Thank you Jorge!


We haven’t made any videos ourselves. But we have an avid fan who made two videos, you can watch them here: 

Thanks to Christopher Walker who also made the artwork for ‘the Lasso of Time'

You can find us on facebook:


Creative Commons License (CC BY -NAD-)

If you would like to use music from Harbour, Industry, Home or Slow or the Lasso of Time in a film, documentary, etc. you can do so, free of charge.
The only thing you need to do is inform us where and when it was used, and you need to mention the artist ‘Unheard Music Concepts' and track name in the credits.
We made it available under the Creative Commons license ‘BY', but added the non existing ‘NAD' because we discovered that what we have in mind doesn't exist as a CC license.
NAD stands for "No Audio Derivates' In other words you can freely use (part of) our tracks in a film or video, but not remix or re-use part of our tracks in other musical work without our permission.

As an extra service we can make custom edits or mixes on request. You can choose fragments, loops, solo-ed instruments, remixes, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about using our music in your project
info - at -

'Do not fear mistakes. There are none’
- Miles Davis -